Conception 2 review: bad romance

There are some interesting mechanics based around material that is aimed more for the male audience, thanks to some predictable fan service, but if given the chance, there is a solid RPG to discover here under all this crazy Japanese that I think people will enjoy playing through. Conception II follows a rather predictable story. With this sign, the hero attends the school at Fort City to make use of these powers. In the process induction he finds out that he is a A rank disciple. There are two main types of gameplay in Conception II, a mixture of dungeon crawling and story elements, the latter created closely to how visual novels present their stories. This means there is often hefty dialogue before visiting the next story dungeon, which might annoy people who just want to play the game. In fact, a lot of more interesting plot is mostly in the side content, as the main story is played safe and never tries to bring something more than a satisfying tale to keep you going forward. An enjoyable, but overall, a lacking story.

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Posted By Pramath On 30th, Apr. C II is a hard game to sell to anyone, mostly because of how bizarre it is. And all of sudden, it becomes a much harder sell to, well, just about anybody. Even mechanically, my description above is just half the story told. In a sense, Persona justifies its usage of romance and it never gets explicitly sexual by backing it up substantively, both narratively and mechanically.

That feeling really is hard to get rid of as you play the game, and truthfully, it makes for a really immature experience that drags the game down.

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Some interesting tactics and battle systems, titillating gameplay if you are 13 years old, sexing up your best friend’s sister. Lengthy, boring, repetitive dungeon crawling. Awkward and shallow dating experience realistic that almost always ends in sex unrealistic. In order to do battle with the Voldemort and his minions Harry is going to have to seek out and have sex with all of the most powerful girls in the school to breed an army of super sorcerers to take into battle.

For the first minutes you are pretty much on tutorial auto-pilot as you are introduced to characters and game concepts at an alarming rate. During that time you will do little more than hit X to advance conversations; some spoken and some text-only and select the various dialogue options. By the time the game does release you into its futuristic and mystical sex-charged world you will likely have forgotten most of what you were taught.

Conception II starts off rather uncomfortable, like when you classmate with Fuuko during the tutorial who is very timid and almost unwilling, making the whole sequence come off as a virgin-violation ritual rape that instantly spawns triplets. The dungeons are randomly generated and not much to look at.

Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars Review

The first game is visual novel that bears a striking resemblance to a variety of dating simulations; the second game is a dungeon crawler RPG, complete with randomized levels, dozens of character classes and tons of skills and abilities for doing battle with hordes of monsters. The problem is, only one of these two games is worth playing. Who would have thought that having kids with seven young ladies could save the world? The world of Aterra is in danger of being overrun by monsters that come out of Dusk Circles.

Wake is always accompanied by one of seven female classmates, and up to nine Star Children.

: Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars – PlayStation Vita: Atlus U S A Inc: Video The ‘dating sim’ part of the game is actually quite nice.

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Big, bloody demons. Conception is just so damn weird. The meat of Conception II is battling through various dungeons, known as Labyrinths, plus a few sub-Labyrinths in which you can find better equipment and level up your party. You can then re-enter the Labyrinths from these exit points and carry on your progress. There is a definite feeling of repetition as you tackle Labyrinth upon Labyrinth, eventually fighting and hopefully defeating the big boss of each one, before progressing through the story and eventually accessing the next Labyrinth.

The combat is also sort of interesting, with turn-based battles introducing a mechanic where you can attack enemies from the front, left, right and rear, with different locations causing more damage via a weak point.

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Go to Search. This is a role-playing game in which players assume the role of a young student trying to rid the world of monsters. While exploring dungeons, players engage in turn-based battles with a variety of human and fantastical enemies e. Human characters occasionally use guns to shoot the player’s characters; other fighters use hammers, swords, or blasts of energy to deplete opponents’ health meters.

A handful of scenes depict a character covered in blood across the chest and upper arm. The game includes some suggestive dialogue e.

The first game is visual novel that bears a striking resemblance to a variety of dating simulations; the second game is a dungeon crawler RPG.

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Conception II European Demo, Release Date

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Narika: In Narika’s ending, she is taken visibly aback when Wake tells her that he has chosen her as his date, as she did not believe that she was ever a valid.

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars. PS Vita. Buy Disc. Release Date: Out Now; Genre: Role Playing Game (RPG). Publisher: ATLUS (Index Digital Media,​.

Wake Archus has moved into the world of Aterra, an island to follow his fate to fending off monsters for the sake of saving the world. Along the way, he meets disciples Fuuko Amicus and Chlotz Genus who alike to him, have moved to the island when they are suddenly attacked by monsters. Quickly, God’s Gift defeats them and with the gain of their gratitude, they decide to work hard for their own goals.

After their introductions, and showing proof for being chosen by the Star God; they are soon led into an explanation of what they must do: Conceive star children with a female disciple to create warriors to travel through dungeons and eliminate monsters before they can destroy Aterra. The game’s story follows the protagonist with a randomly generated name such as “Wake Archus”, or one you choose yourself , a young teenage boy growing up in Aterra , a world plagued by the mysterious appearance of ” Dusk Circles “.

Dusk Circles spawn demonic monsters known as ” Dusk Monsters ” or ” Nemesis ” and eventually turn into Labyrinths , which comprise of the game’s dungeon-crawling element.

Is Conception II Really Like Persona? (No, Not Really)

Conception II is a role-playing video game with turn-based battles, in which players control a student at a high school that doubles as a training facility for demon hunters. During battle, fighters can be strategically placed around the enemies, allowing players to either safely target weak points or charge head on for bigger rewards. The game’s story follows Wake Archus default name , a young teenage boy growing up in a world where demonic monsters pose a constant threat to society.

These monsters are formed in Dusk Circles, which have formed in several locations throughout the world. After a monster attack kills Wake’s sister on the day of her wedding, Wake discovers that he has the mark of the Star God on his hand. He eagerly agrees to attend a school that trains people who bear this mark, all of whom are in their early to late teens, as the mark disappears shortly after they become adults.

PlayStation Vita. 3DS. Number of players: 1. Developer: Spike Chunsoft. Publisher: Atlus. Genre: Role-Playing. Release Date: April 15, Industry rating.

When Atlus announced last year that they were bringing the relatively obscure Conception II over to the U. Naturally, those words piqued my interest. Anyone who knows me will tell you that that I’m a huge fan of the latter Persona games, particularly Persona 4 Golden. I was even willing to overlook the uh And let me be clear: That’s not a bad thing. It’s best to go in with the right mindset though, because otherwise you’re apt to be disappointed. With that in mind, let’s quickly break down the differences.

On more than one occasion, I’ve heard Persona 3 and 4 referred to as “dating sims. Yes, dating is part of it, but Persona 4 is as much about platonic friendship as it is about romance. Even if you don’t end up dating Chie or Yukiko, you still learn their innermost secrets, and eventually become very close friends. Conception II is more of the traditional form of dating sim.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Review – PlayStation Vita

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Conception 2 : Children of the Seven Stars never really reaches maturity. Children of the Seven Stars is the first and only of two Conception titles to make it out of Japan, and as with its predecessor, it folds a dating sim into a dungeon crawler-heavy experience.

Spike Chunsoft is using the same pick-up line role-playing games have all but run into the ground: wanna save the world?

The narrative deals with a malevolent Dusk Energy, which has been leaking out of portal-like labyrinths and creating terrifying monsters that.

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Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars – Festival (Good) Event w/ Fuuko Amicus [3DS]

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